Strobel ltda

  • Family owned company
  • Founded in 1942 by Ricardo Strobel
  • From 1965 to 2004 Hans Dieter Strobel
  • Since 2004 Matias Strobel
  • Production in Santiago
  • Warehouse in Sao Paulo
  • Global presence

  • Production: 2 Mio. meter lining
  • 22 looms (Picanol Omniplus)
  • Since 2013 technical fabrics for  Cremer Brasilien
  • Viscose, cotton, acetate, triacetate, cupro, polyester
  • Jig dyehouse

Theoretical background

  • Metal such as silver or copper for elimination of bacteria, viruses, funghi and house mites
  • Use in hospitals
  •     25% less antibiotics
  • Research on fighting Ebola, H5N1, MRSA

Why copper?

  • Copper is essential mineral in human skin
  • Stimulation Collagen creation
  •     Increase formation of capillaries
  •     Initiation of proteine production
  • Copper stabilizes the skin and improves the skin tone
  • Copper influences healing process
  • In 2008, EPA declared copper as the only metal with biocide properties that does not contaminate the environment

Why Copper and zinc?

  • Copper (salt) has biocide properties, capable of killing viruses, bacteria and funghi and also improves skin tone
  • Zinc (salt) has also biocide properties and in addition helps speed the healing process of the skin
  •     Synergistic effect

InCopper® Technology

Why copper and zinc?

InCopper® Yarn

Antimicrobial mechanism of InCopper®

German certification

In Copper washing properties

Research work

  • Copper Andino S.A.
  •     Patent 00134-2010/ WO 2013/86647
  •     Copper/ zinc Technology

  • Strobel S.A.
  •     Incorporation in acetate  
  •     Medical products

  • Eastman
  •     Exclusive yarn producer

  • Why acetate ?
  •     Certified material for plaster
  •     Excellent dermatological properties
  •     Synthetically produced fiber based on natural cellulose

Research work: results

Product development

  • Acetate yarn different Cu/ Zn contents Masterbatch Eastmann
  • Fabric woven with acetate in warp and Cu/Zn-yarn weft

Antibacterial effect